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Since its foundation in 2010, Southeast Asia Television has operated as a media company with studios in all the countries within its service area of operation. SEATV, which operates with its own satellite and 152-foot (46-meter) tower in Phnom Penh has the ability to provide their broadcast with 20 kilowatts, one of which was granted to it by the Ministry of Information. SEATV has a regional network of twenty-four-hour and daily international coverage and broadcasts over sea and land and oversea for twenty-four hours a day per day. SEATV has a number of facilities as well, one of them being a significant location and studio. SEATV is jointly created under the auspices of the umbrella of the University of Cambodia, connections to other international agencies and agencies. with various video delivery services such as SEATV, through satellite TV, OTT, etc. enables viewers to see SEATV.

Any channel can be browsed using the toolbar and various categories, as seen below with your favorite channel. We would appreciate it if you could give us some, and we will update you as you request.

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Disclaimer: We gathered each TV channel’s, radio station’s, and CCTV camera’s streaming connection from the forum and the internet. On this platform, we do not own any streaming links or channels. We are attempting to assist and provide for those who wish to receive their news and have the ability to watch and listen to it on their computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile at any time and from any location for free.

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