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CTV 8 is Channel 8 is a Singaporean free-to-air television channel, airing in Mandarin-language. It was created by Radio and Television Singapore on 1 September 1963 as a test transmission, before going official on 23 November that year. Channel 8 began its test transmissions on Sunday, 1 September 1963 as an ad-hoc channel for special events. Its first day of test transmissions began with additional highlights of the 1963 Southeast Asia Cultural Festival, followed by a sports coverage with the Athletics triangular meet in Farrer Park, the premiere of the 1959 Hindi movie, Chhoti Bahen, a Malay variety special “Puisirama” (a combination of poetry and Malay music) and concluded with a Chinese classical film. A second test transmission took place between 16 and 20 September of that year and devoted much of its time to the week-long celebrations, to coincide with the formation of the Federation of Malaya, and the political campaigns leading up to the 1963 General Election.

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